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Books Referenced by Course

Aftercare Planning and Follow-up The Journey: 52 Weeks In Recovery by Jack Reid.
Anger Management Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual , by Patrick M. Reilly, Ph.D., & Michael S. Shopshire Ph.D., a (SAMHSA) Publication.
The Participant Workbook: Anger Management for Substance and Mental Health Clients , by Patrick M. Reilly, Ph.D., Michael S. Shopshire, Ph.D., Timothy C. Durazzo, Ph.D., & Torri A. Campbell, Ph.D.
Co-Dependency Understanding Co-Dependency by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse and Joseph Cruise M.D.
Compulsive Gambling Understanding Compulsive Gambling by Henry R. Lesieur, Ph.D.
Creative Counseling Favorite Counseling And Therapy Techniques: 51 Therapists Share Their Most Creative Strategies by Howard G. Rosenthal (Editor).
The Developmental Model of Recovery Passages Through Recovery by Terence Gorski, Ph.D.
Ethics for Addiction Professionals Ethics for Addiction Professionals by LeClair Bissell, M.D., C.A.C. and James E. Royce, S.J., Ph.D.
Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction: A Guide to Coping with the Grief, Stress, and Anger that Trigger Addictive Behaviors by Rebecca E. Williams, Ph.D. and Julie S. Kraft, LMFT.
Self-Esteem and Recovery Overcoming Addiction: Positive Steps for Breaking Free of Addiction and Building Self-Esteem by Corinne Sweet.
Sexual Addiction Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.
Stress Management In Recovery Stress Management : A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness by Edward Charlesworth, Ph.D. and Ronald Nathan, Ph.D.

Books by Special Friends

The Journey: 52 Weeks In Recovery by Jack Reid

The Journey The Journey: 52 Weeks in Recovery, by Jack Reid, is a 365 day journal for the recovering addict. There are daily exercises and affirmations that help the person gain balance in his/her life. Relapse Prevention, Spirituality, The 12 Steps and Weekly Inventory are used as the format of this powerful recovery tool. This book is great for the Aftercare Group, as a tool for the 12 step sponsor, or for individual use. The Journey will positively change the life of the newly recovered person or for the person who struggles with recovery.

Brief Therapy Client Handouts by Kate Cohen-Posey

This unique book contains a variety of handouts that therapists can use to aid in the psycho-education of their current clients, or to help promote their practices. Grouped according to the categories of Life Skills, Relationship Skills, Parenting Skills, and Disorders, each two-page to three-page handout contains valuable information about a common psychological problem along with practical, therapeutically-sound advice for overcoming it. These attractively produced documents are Xerox-ready, and can be easily customized to suit the therapist's needs using the enclosed computer disk.

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies : A Book That Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense by Kate Cohen-Posey

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies: (a) covers annoying name calling, vicious prejudice, explosive anger, dangerous situations, and causes of difficult behavior; (b) contains more than 12 ways for melting meanness; (c) Uses dozens of dialogues and practice exercises that children enjoy reading; (d) shows young people how to put spiritual truths into action; (e) gives parents, teachers, and counselors a method to help young people help themselves.

Trans-Formation in Everyday Life : A Short Cut to Relaxation and Problem solving by Kate Cohen-Posey

Inner peace is a birthright everyone deserves to have. TRANS-FORMATION makes this possible through a series of 24 exercises that move readers inward to reach deep levels of relaxation and an understanding of how to use trance states to solve life problems. The need for audio tapes is eliminated by learning a "self-talk" that promotes stress-free serenity. The book addresses problems with sleep, stress, blood pressure, allergy attacks, sexual fulfillment, self-esteem and more. "When you consciously put yourself in a trance, you become connected to your SELF, awesome in its power, yet so still that its presence is easily missed."